3 Important Life Lessons

​Three important lessons I have learnt in life: 1. Some negative opinions are from people with no self confidence. Some are from people with no imagination. If you have self confidence and can imagine, then their opinions don't matter. 2. Most negative opinions are from people who cannot imagine you succeeding. That's their problem, not... Continue Reading →

Printing for More Than Art’s Sake

This story amuses me every time I read it: MissyMwac's family and friends were gobsmacked when she printed all her phone photos - the concept was completely foreign to them! Yes, it is satire. Heavy satire. Yet it is a reminder that very little photography of my children, my nephew's and niece's birthdays, nor my family... Continue Reading →

Stay Focused

FTR: It is spelt 'focusing'. One s, not two. IMHO, the definition of 'focussing' is either: fake swearing, OR cussing at photographs that don't turn out as you expected. / Originally posted on my Facebook on 28 December 2012

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