More Radio, Less Smoking!

This is a rough transcript of the attached video I created for my 23rd March 2019 radio show at #5KIxFM90.7 All the songs chosen this evening have colored words in them. I don't mean a colorful word (i.e. swearing), I mean colors of the rainbow, all the colors of the ROYGBIV mantra! (The problem with... Continue Reading →

Kingscote vs Adelaide

After 32 years living in multiple suburbs of Adelaide, the last 18 in the Adelaide hills, 19 years working in the CBD, we moved into Kingscote on Kangaroo Island in late 2016. All effort has been put in to rebuild my wife's honey business, plus get my artwork in display and window-washing businesses on-track. Life... Continue Reading →

Surviving the Sad Times

Over the last 35 years there have been people whom I have had only one opportunity to meet. Why only once? Because they made life-altering choices that no one saw coming, or nobody fully realised how severe that person's state-of-mind had become. Last month I rested my hand on the shoulder of two female friends... Continue Reading →

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