Building the WWW with CSS

Every six months I export my browser bookmarks that I want to read but can't find the time. I often bookmark links that I feel warrant further reading, potentially learning, or that I want to share on twitter. I like to share. Today I am sharing all my CSS bookmarks. Not because I want you... Continue Reading →

The Reason I Rarely Use Free WiFi

There's a lot of reading in the article this originated, so I have extracted just this one section. I'd call it a 'tl;dr', but it's still very long. Let’s say you go to Dave’s Cafe for your morning coffee and a little emailing before you head into the office. Dave’s a smart guy, so he’s... Continue Reading →

Free Money!

Picture below reveals all. I laugh every time I look at it! Sorry, no free money, not ever, particularly not from Nigeria. 

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