We Have Moved to Kangaroo Island

This time last year we made a BIG decision: To move our family to Kangaroo Island. Explaining the benefits to each of our families actually didn't take a lot, but there are a few who have not yet been there. Yesterday morning I videoed some of my morning walk. Because of the tranquillity of Kingscote,... Continue Reading →

Why I Create Graphic Art

Written for linkage to my graphic art page on my website. I first started producing really simple graphics early in my internet days, around 1998. It was quite by accident, yet I have always been the creative type. It turned out to be a good idea because at that time I had a fairly boring... Continue Reading →

CSS Snippets + Sites of Interest

I wrote similar posts to this one a few years ago, but two new loves have stolen my night and online life: Children. Our first little-man was 2.75 years ago, our most recent lad was born on March 2nd 2015. Aha,  just 3 days ago. He is still in hospital with mum as she recovers from her belly-slashing. I have only... Continue Reading →

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