My New Camera: Fuji FinePix XP130

As an owner of several brands and models of cameras, I always enjoy testing them. I was gifted a compact camera recently after my wife managed to lose her compact mini Canon camera - and have since been gobsmacked at what I actually got: A FinePix XP130 camera. It's said to be waterproof up to... Continue Reading →

How to Rid my Yard of Earwigs

Since acquiring a new home on Kangaroo Island I have been keen to establish a vegetable garden. It's a WIP as I am building the chicken run first. It will include egg- and poo-collection containers that can be easily extracted and returned. Currently I am seeking 120 bricks - clinkers, pavers, building, other - to... Continue Reading →

Set #2 – 10 Instagram Posts showing my LOVE OF COFFEE

These were the early days where I used Nescafe or Moccona. Now that my palette has experienced freshly roasted beans of Kangaroo Island, I don't enjoy these brands any more. Heck, I don't even put sugar in my coffee!  

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