4 Easy Steps to Wire a Frame

It seems like so long ago, yet I vividly remember presenting a whole bunch of my framed photographs for SALA (South Australia Living Artist) festival in 2010 and 2016. More about this and my photo choices. To ensure my artwork presented as best as possible, I purchased twenty 400mm x 500mm frames from Adelaide Photographic... Continue Reading →

25 Years of Musician Photography

Check out my photographs of Australian musicians at the 1992 Adelaide Grand Prix. These were photographed at my first concert, shooting with my first SLR, in 1992. I purchased a body (brand forgotten), telephoto lens, and a 40 rolls of 36 film somewhere in Adelaide - I think I had to hock something to pay... Continue Reading →

Adelaide Fringe is Where?

Today saw the release of the Adelaide Fringe Guide (17 Feb - 19 March 2017) "The Fringe is a staple diet for most South Australians ... for both regular and consumers ... of comedy, cabaret, theatre, music, visual arts, circus acts and digital media" (Paraphrased from The Hon. Jack Snellings welcome message on page 2)... Continue Reading →

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