On the SMART Path to a Better Life

I recently saw this smart way of looking at projects, yet saw it as a great way of approaching my own life. Here’s my version of it.

Everything we do has to be S.M.A.R.T.!

Coincidentally this was the name of my first business. OK, it was “s.m. art paper” – I recycled waste paper into pulp to make pots, bowls and paper. It was my first attempt at a small-business. I was 12 when I had the idea, 17 when I attempted, 19 when it folded (no pun intended).

Now I apply the SMART principle to many things in my life.

S- Specific

This is where you determine who, what, when, why and which – all the components of your goal, plan or life path.

Who is involved besides me? What do I want to accomplish? Where will it be done? Why am I doing this (reasons, purpose, goal)? Are there any constraints or requirements I need to have?


This is where I track the schedule, time-line, progress, processes and outcome.

How much do I need, how many do I need to produce, how long will it take to get started and completed? And the most important: How will I know when my goal is accomplished?


The HOW of every project.
Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished? Why or why not?
Make sure the goal is not out of reach, or below my standard performance.


Is the goal worthwhile, and will it meet your needs?
This is where you make sure each goal is consistent with other goals you have established, and fit your immediate and long-term plans and wants?


The When!
Your objective should include a time limit, so you need to make it formal so even you believe it:
“I will complete this by month / day / year.”

It will establish a sense of urgency, plus prompt you to have better time management.

Ultimately: Going into anything half-assed or without a want, goal, desire, need, or destination can be silly. Not impossible, as some of the things we do only take a few moments. But the big things often take years. Some things you want to achieve may take your whole life.

Yet don’t let failures get you down; Instead learn from them – and start a new business, project, goal or life.

For those that think you know me: This might not seem like the person you think you know.

I went through, no, I swam through a lot of sh1t in 2022. When I finally found the end of the sewage, I found me and amended my choices and direction. I finally learned to grow. I addressed the sh1t continuing to flow around me, found something to grip onto… wait, no, that’s not good. Anypoo, I am better for rediscovering that the path I needed to be on was with me all the time, I found my voice, my typing skills and my life-learning can be shared. Thus, more learning will be written about, even filmed and put on Youtube, and showing how much strength I have internally. Whilst you might know me as that guy that said “I have no happy left in me”, I am working hard to find it again. This post is one of the first steps.

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