Keep Guns AWAY From Children to Keep Bullets OUT Of Children!

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America, it’s time. Regulate guns better. Better yet: Take guns away from the general population. Take guns away from your parents will keep bullets out of your children.

Thankfully the majority of your population know that guns won’t solve problems. Only members of the NRA plus their affiliates and bribed authorities think the American Constitution implies that the people need guns. This is absolute madness and only breeds chaos.

Without regulated gun control, your constituents will continue to mass-kill each other. And then who will you tax to pay for your yachts, mega-mansions, world-supremacy and children’s education?

Who is out-of-line? Not Beto O-Rourke. Definitely the local mayor who thinks praying to just one of three four thousand plus unproven deities will absolve their complicity in allowing guns and bullets to be so easily purchased, yet then turn around to take bribes from the gun lobby. Allegedly. (Oh yeah, I said it!)

The lives of innocent kids and teachers need to be protected, but not with guns: You don’t fix a gun problem by giving everyone a gun. Children should need only to be armed with pencils and books and lunches to attend school, not armed for entering a war-zone!

For all those saying ‘What about the right to bear arms?’: What about the rights of school children to grow up and graduate? What about the rights of families who will never see their children again? What about the rights of other children in that school who now have PSTD and survivor guilt after being witness? Put down your weapons and hug someone. Put away your anger, frustration, sadness – relax your mind, live outside the box you put yourself in, and be a better person.

This lovely American woman says it more succinctly:

I’m tired of these elected officials in power acting like they ain’t got no damn power. #EnoughIsEnough— Nina Turner (@ninaturner) May 26, 2022

FACT: Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since Port Arthur in 1996, when Martin Bryant killed 35 and injured 23 at the historic convict colony. It was the worst mass shooting in Australia’s history and led to Prime Minister John Howard introducing the Australian National Firearms Agreement, banning a range of semi-automatic firearms and creating a system of licensing and ownership controls.

The Federal Government also bought back guns that had been made illegal by those laws, destroying over a million firearms in the process. That’s BOUGHT back. The Australian Government purchased the guns back from the owners – then destroyed them. That’s what a smart democracy does. The Australian approach would make a great model for America following the mass-shootings that happen so often.

VERY IMPORTANTLY: Condolences to the families and their relatives that will need trauma-support to get over yet another horrible day in American history. May your children’s death not be forgotten and their memory enough to convince every country that guns in the hands of children is a really really dumb idea.

By never giving up their rights to carry weapons, humans have made this planet their coffin. When we finally see there is more to life than all the things we carry, we truly live. Your chance to be alive is so incredibly infinitely small that it amazes me that so many just want to kill or be killed. Teach your children to live without guns nor war.

Earthlings, you are on notice. The rest of the universe is watching your turf war!

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