Shooting on Kangaroo Island with a Fuji FinePix XP130

Every time I get a new device I test it rigorously before considering buying any new accessories.

After two days of shooting with a Fuji FinePix XP130, I am ready to buy a charging/download cable, three spare batteries, two 64GB memory cards, and a small carry bag. Love to build a handgrip similar to GoPro version.

Check out a video produced from all my footage during our two days with visiting family to various beaches and tourist regular locations around Kangaroo Island.

Here’s my thoughts on some features of this camera:

  • Landscape mode is very bright with dark shadowing. Needs tweaking, but not sure how.
  • Portrait mode also needs more light. This is annoying. Having a separate small flash would be beneficial
  • Double exposure mode is lots of fun, but works better when one or both images is either a single colour or a texture. You can see examples of this feature within video above.
  • Night mode worked remarkably better than expected. Yet movement appeared once displayed on my computer monitor.
  • As the screen is so small, I advise having a 4 second preview delay – and not taking for granted that what you see is what you get.

Like my photography in the above video? Some will available to purchase on my Redbubble photo gallery very soon! All profits go into supporting LSBeez Kangaroo Island Honey .

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