George’s Castle

This article is a prelude to the next article showing the video results of using the Fuji FinePix 130 I mentioned in the previous article.


Tonight my family are going to check out the lights at George’s Castle because it is lit up with 52,000 coloured lights in the most amazingly way.

George has been building the most awesomely lit-up castle here on Kangaroo Island for at least 10 years. It is available for viewing by tourists and locals.

Sidenote: George’s family is related to my wife’s family. That’s why Kangaroo Island is such a close-knit community!

I have been there many times over the last 10 years, so have taken many photos and videos using my Canon 7D or my Canon EOSM. Here are a few of them:


View more of my photographss of George’s Castle on my flickr .

Back to this Article:

During tonight’s visit I will use the FinePix XP130 to determine how good the camera techno-features are, then present the results within ‘Part 2, Episode 3 of 3’.

Note: I am not financially affiliated with George’s Castle, but I applaud his efforts and want to see him rewarded. Visit Kangaroo Island soon to see the Light-Castle!

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