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Over the last 25 years of online activity I have utilised many different browsers. These days I am on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and sometimes Internet Explorer. Most recently I added Edge. And that’s just on my PC! On my smartphone I use Chrome and Firefox.

Subsequently I find myself jumping from browser searching for bookmarks. I am always tagging sites of interest for web or graphic design, accessing links for my photo and art galleries, or keeping lists of sites of interest for articles.

Two nights ago I realised I was bookmarking the same sites across all four browsers – and raised both hands and said loudly “There must be a better way!”

After much searching for alternatives (including browser-independent options), I found a better way. I now have this in EVERY browser – and can now see ALL my bookmarks:
The Bookmark . I like it so much I paid for it!
Disclaimer: I get an xtra free month if you register via that link.

Some might say “This is similar to or” To them I say I agree and “Weren’t they good times?”

But instead of millions of vlogs, I use it for the simplicity of having what I really need and the few things I view regularly. Life got a lot easier.

logo for
Browser-based bookmarking service

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