24 hours in Adelaide for SA4SA Bushfire Appeal Gala Dinner

SA4SA Bushfire Appeal AdvertBack in mid January 2020 Kelly Noble mentioned she was organising a massive gala to raise funds for Bushfire victims on Kangaroo Island. I remember mentioning early on in the project that I’d be keen to attend.

In the Last week of January I checked into see how the event was going – only to discover all the tickets sold out. Kelly was saying on Facebook how the project grew so big that instead of only 300 people, she sold tickets for 1,500 people! Consequently, the venue was upgraded at the Adelaide Convention Centre, more amazing people took on volunteer positions and donated so much for the Auction during the event.

I casually mentioned that I would have loved to attend, but money was either tied up or tight. My Work had ground to a halt, and I had outlayed money for a photography project plus new window-washing gear. So the ticket-price made it completely impossible.

About 10 minutes after that I got a DM from Kelly Noble that basically read “You will be my guest. I had to quickly respond with “What does that mean?” in case I put my foot in my mouth.
Wow. It mean my Gala ticket was paid for, my accommodation for the night was organised and paid for, plus a car from Cape Jervis and back was organised. I was gobsmacked and probably in tears. I scrounged money for the SeaLink bus to ferry to boat and boat to mainland and back again the following day. There’s a few details that I may include in another article. But this article is really about the videos I produced. What started with the belief that “I wouldn’t get much footage” turned into a 8-part series. Normally I am quite unsure of myself when talking to my camera in public, but this turned out to be easy. After all, I was wearing a very bright dinner jacket, so I was probably expected to be a little ostentatious. Right from the moment I had to walk to catch my bus, I got stuck into recording every moment of my 24 hours in Adelaide – and it was easy once I realised I was keeping a record of an exceptional moment in my life.

So I’ll stop typing and start talking in the following Youtube uploads.

[1] Boat to Mayfair Hotel

You can see in the thumbnails that I didn’t anticipate how many would videos be created. Initially I imagined it would all be easily compressed into 5 , then I amended to 9, then down to 8. Then I decided to make 6 and 7 into one.
So there’s 7 more to come…

[2] Excited over TWO Televisions (at Mayfair Hotel)

[3] Visiting (Glam)Adelaide

[4] Dancing with Custard

[5] $100 Breakfast at Mayfair Hotel

With so much food available, I wanted to eat and eat and eat… but I couldn’t. Mushroom, tomato, bacon, and eggs on toast washed down by a flat white coffee and a glass of OJ was sufficient.

[6&7] Backstreet Boy in Adelaide

I rarely get to visit Adelaide anymore. So to go back and vi

ew the buildings I worked in was a rare privilege. Many of the businesses I was with have long since moved on. The ones still in the same location I didn’t care to visit. There’s only so much history I want to keep any memory in my head.

[8] Two Hours Too Early

My boat back to Kangaroo Island after the SA4SA Gala Dinner left two hours earlier than expected. I used the time wisely – a walk on the beach with my camera!

Stephen Mitchell with Kelly Noble and Steve Testar at GlamAdelaide OfficeAlthough I say it many times in each video: I give A MASSIVE THANK YOU to my amazing supportive and altruistic friends Kelly Noble and Steve Testar at GlamAdelaide for having me as their guest for the evening! What an honor!

Kelly also arranged & financed my accommodation at the Mayfair Hotel Adelaide. She also asked Steve Brown at Getaways SA to get me from Cape Jervis to Adelaide and back. He is a great guy and would love to be a passenger in his car again. Comfort and luxury all the way!

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