How I Wash Windows

Part 1A: Who is Mow&Wash ?

  1. Watch the video,
  2. Read the transcript below video,
  3. Employ Stephen to wash windows.

Part 1B : Many of you would know me as Stephen Mitchell from Mow&Wash (also known as “Mitchell’s Window Washing”).

I also do lawn mowing, gardening and related activities. You’ll find me mostly in Kingscote and Brownlow and maybe a few other locations around Kangaroo Island, washing windows, cleaning sills and frames, other related activities.

Part 2: Cleaning Windows

When you’re getting you windows washed, you’ve got one of two options:

  • The easy option is to go for the cheapest bidder. (That’s the (bad-)easy option)
  • The better option is to choose the guy that doesn’t waste your water, cleans his job, cleans the fly-screens, puts in some passion, and really enjoys his work. That’s the (good-)easier, better and much preferred option.

So what are you going to do today? Are you going to pick a guy (or girl) whose just doing it because it’s an easy dollar? Or are you going to choose somebody who actually puts in the effort to clean your windows, and to make sure ALL your windows, fly-screens, your sills, doorstep, jambs, EVERYTHING is as clean as can be – using the appropriate method? What is going to be your choice?

Unfortunately you can’t see (my face in the video), and that’s OK. At least you are seeing the work, effort, and persistence that I put in to ensure that your windows are clean. Your fly-screens are clean, and everything is clean. Doors, the lot/locks, all clean, inside and out.

Thank you for listening.

Part 3: Cleaned Windows

I just cleaned this window, inside and out, from corner to corner, and I am going to do more. So that’s that.

So now you need to watch out for me doing more window washing of more windows around this villa. Yes, I am at Villas on the Bay, 5-star accommodation for anyone coming to stay on Kangaroo Island.

I will show you more of my window-washing in a second…

Part 4: Extra Job

See these windows (at 1 Dauncey Street, Kingscote)? I clean them for FREE because they are pretty disgusting, so I make them shine again!

The windows are clean. I have done the first window (of many small panes). Compared with what it was, it’s cleaner. 

I cleaned the windows of the old photography store, also known as the old ‘TheIslander (Newspaper). All the windows are done. I didn’t have to do it, I chose to because, just for aesthetics, and to give a better look to the city* of Kingscote.


Part 6: Hey Walter!
  • Ok, it’s not a city. At the 2011 census, Kingscote had a population of 1,763. I live in a Village.


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