Simply Put

If you are regular reader/viewer of my blog, you’ll notice a slight amendment to the title. Previously it was:

“Being an Online Entrepreneur”

Now it is merely and simply put:

“Being Online”

Because I am a busy family-man and supporter of my wife’s business venture (as webmaster, online sales and social-media-person), I decided the words ‘an entrepreneur’ no longer applied to my status. I start using the words about ten years ago when it meant someone who was adventurous and willing to go it solo in business, but these days they are so over-used that its definition seems to be lost.

Whilst I am still quite busy online with tshirt sales and photography sales, I am quite happy to remain an “online-being online”. Thus the apt title change.

Don’t think this will be the last you see of me. I have online study starting soon. I have aspirations of my own. I continually think of new business ventures.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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