Old Life For Sale

Before we left Adelaide in late 2016, I held two garage sales. I managed to sell/give-away a large amount of our old life to new owners, but not all.  I disposed of many items hoarded for photography ideas and art-projects, plus donated web-design and computer-training books for re-use. It was quite liberating, as it enabled me to let go of our old life whilst we moved on and over to Kangaroo Island.

Here are more items from our old life ‘FOR SALE’.

I will add to this new page regularly, one or two items at a time. Items are only available for Australian residents. Some items may also appear on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Some of you may say “Hey, you could do this using eBay or Amazon!”
Rest assured I tried that – and found their process to put a Price+P&H details on their website excruciating. Unless someone suggests a better site (based in Australia only), this is how it will be.


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