Musical Photography

Unfortunately I cannot show you photography that is produced by music, nor can I show you music that is a result of photography. Yet I can show you photographs I have shot of musicicans, bands, and rock-n-roll idols  from a few moments in history that I am so glad I was there to see and capture!

These first few photographs are random shots of buskers in Rundle Mall, an arcade in the Adelaide CBD, South Australia:

Cello in Rundle Mall "That Busker"

This from the opening of a new bridge about six years ago. This was probably my first outdoor photo event where I was not the offficial photographer, yet had fun capturing the musicians in attendance – Little Brown Hat.

Entertainment (Little Brown Hat)

EXTRA: The professional photographers in attendance were, unwittingly, gave great advice particularly on how to jostle for that important photograph! I was in the front line with a few guys who were very serious about getting photographs of the government official at the event. Here is my favourite from that day…

Rock Paper Scissors!

Back to persons of interest, here are some more musicians I have photographed – these from about twenty five years ago! These were shot on film, but only scanned to digital within the last ten years, and only put onto Flickr within the last five years. See if you can recognise them:

James Reyne, Adelaide Grand Prix Concert Jimmy and Johnny Sing a Duet at Adelaide GrandPrix Concert

Jimmy and Johnny Rocking Hard, Adelaide GrandPrix Concert

I’d really like the opportunity to shoot more recent rock idols, yet so very glad I was there to photograph Jimmy Barnes, Johnny Diesel, and James Reyne.

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