Using String in Photography

Some of you would have seen the following photographs within my last article ‘Online Therapy: How Blogging can be Beneficial‘ ; Others would have seen them upon my ‘Facebook Fan Page‘ ; and others would have seen through upon my ‘Flickr Gallery‘.

Either way, here they are again, including the descriptions that I published upon Flickr. Just figured a few more people might be curious to know what my thought process was for creating these two very unique and eclectic photographs!

Tied Ham Whilst doing a series of self portraits, I was checking out things in my office I could use as props. When I stumbled upon a ball of string, my head did somersaults on the possibilities.

When my mind was reminded of the string on a ham, I realised what I had to do:

Being the ham I sometimes am, I tied myself up.

I was going to tie it all around me, but it was starting to get painful at this point, and I was getting dizzy (as I was turning around to wind the string around me).

As I had lost all sense of direction, and my eyes were tied shut, I had to slowly turn to pick up the remote trigger!

When I finally did find it, I fired it once, turned toward the light and took two more shots before I unwound the string.

Self portraits can be quite painful!

Cable Tied
Yeah, my weird mind in action. Upon finding an power cable, I decided to replicate the string idea but on a grander scale.

This time I used one hand to wind it around myself, entrapping one hand with the remote-trigger. Starting at the ankles and heading up, I quickly found myself quite entangled. The professional in me wound it all around my neck, around my head, covering my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised when the male-end of the plug draped over my shoulder. Added the authenticity that it was truly a power-cable!.

Converting to a triptych was an afterthought in post-production. Gotta laugh at my ideas!

There you have it. More are on the way, though the next lot are not nearly so fantastic, yet still me. Because I’m into self-portraits at the moment. (Why? Because models are so difficult to find, particularly those that are willing to be subjected like this!)

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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