My Halloween Tattoos

My day-job had a Halloween themed drinks-night. (28.Nov.2011). There were tattoo’s available.

On the right arm decided to go with the most colorful: A Celtic band of Pumpkins. But on the left I have a spider and web. Great combination!

My Lovely Pumpkins

My Lovely Pumpkins Spidered Tattoo

Spidered Tattoo

Photographed with the opposing hand to the arm upon which the Tattoo was placed, shooting with a Canon 50D and 60mm macro lens.

Postscript: Since  each tattoo was just below the level of my tshirt, the camera had to be raised above my head and shot downwards, estimating that the image was in the lens. Miraculously I got it bang-on-target 8 times out of 10!

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