Getting your Art Accepted on Redbubble

Walking Alone on Reeves Point, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

I won’t deny it: As head moderator for the South Australian RedBubble group, I am (and continue to be) incredibly harsh on what does and does NOT get accepted.

I re-wrote the requirements about 4 years ago, and I’ve made it plainly clear what the group is about : ‘HIGH grade, frame-worthy, photography and paintings that BEST depict South Australia ‘.

So as head moderator, I read the ‘rules’ regularly – to ensure I am abiding by the terms I set down. It would really help if members would also read them. The amount of work I reject is because of these three main reasons:

1. Please desist in putting your signature or name on your art. Yes, the great masters do it. None of us quite to that standard yet. Note: Your name will be on the back of the art when someone buys it.

2. No extraneous text (particularly religious, persecutionary or hate messages) required. This is your art, not a Hallmark card.

3. No bordering/embossing/etc necessary. Your artwork should fit from corner to corner. Let the buyer add a frame if they want.

Oakbank House, by Stephen Mitchell, on RedbubbleThat’s the basics. BUT – There is one more issue that needs saying:

4. Your work needs to be high quality and worthy of exhibiting.
I want you to show the world that South Australia is worthy of visiting, our artwork is second to none, and our artists have integrity and passion for their skill.

A LOT of the work does meet these guidelines, but I do find that during the twice a week I am moderating the submissions for inclusion I need to hit the REJECT more often than I hit the ACCEPT button. Yes, there is a little discretion on some work – mostly because the artist has met the requirements more often then they have not.

Wait, one more issue:

5. What I will make clear is that even if you are a South Australian artist we will NOT accept your photographs shot in another country. That ain’t how it works sunshine, but kudos for trying!

I’m not sorry for being so blunt about this, but I have managed to keep the quality of this group up to a fairly high standard.  If you feel that an artwork in the work doesn’t meet the grade, you are welcome to inform me. Don’t bust-the-chops of the artist, that isn’t fair-play.

I look forward to seeing the photography and paintings that gets submitted, truly. Each week an amazing myriad of images make the grade for inclusion. Join the group and add artwork that the whole world would love to peruse, photograph, frame and display in their home or office.

Cape du Couedic Light House by Stephen Mitchell

PS. Yes The artwork included in this article are all my own. Whilst I am sure many of the artists in our group agree with the sentiment above, they probably prefer to be seen adhering to the rules rather than being concerned over them.

~ Irrelevant or unrelated to the subject being dealt with.
~ Of external origin.

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