Early Morning Sales

It’s been a good Monday morning already! Not only is it a public holiday, meaning I have a day-off from my day-job, I have had a few items sell on my Redbubble Tshirt collection this morning! This is always a great discovery!

What’s most interesting is that generally I don’t know about it until it appears on my Facebook wall. I have Redbubble settings in place that enable my sales, comments, uploads and favourite-artwork appear on Facebook. It’s handy for promoting art across my family and friends!

It’s most important for me to say is CONGRATULATIONS to the buyers. Because the art of selling is not only to thank your buyers, no, your time should also be spent congratulating them on their purchase, giving them advice on how they use the product, and then (no matter what field you are in) showing them what else they can buy. Which I have done.

Go check out my message to the buyers, the products they bought, plus a few extra details.

Again, congratulations to everyone who wears my tshirts, purchases my photography, sticks my graphics on their laptop ;), and generally likes my artwork.

Check out ALL of my tshirt collections:

Photographers Shirt Quotes and Graphics Rat Pack Battery Pack Guitar Set Zombie Attack Needlework About to Snap

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