Selling Photography from Multiple Online Galleries

Over the last few weeks I have begun to add more of my photography to FineArtAmerica (“FAA”). No, I am not leaving Redbubble nor Flickr … I’m just diversifying.

I really must thank Marion Cullen for introducing me to FAA, plus a few other local artists who have been displaying their FAA artwork within Facebook. That sold me on the idea to join up and get involved!

Many would know I am a strong advocate, ambassador and artist upon Redbubble. Yet I’m not going to compare Redbubble and FAA, I’ll leave that to others. Both sites enable artists to display and sell artwork. As this is my passion, I am putting different artwork upon each site.

FAA ask $30pa for the privilege: In return, [1] they provide a lot of personal service to every artist, [2] they only provide a location for artists not graphic-artists, [3] their sub-domains for individual artists are multi-faceted and easy to manipulate, plus [4] make it easy for buyers to buy all manner of mediums easily and quickly. (That’s not a comparison to Redbubble, that’s just a list of the few things I like about FAA!)

I welcome you to check out the 40+ images I have already added. Here are just a few.

Sell Art Online Art Prints

Sell Art Online Art Prints

Sell Art Online Art Prints

That’s just a teaser:
I already have another 300+ images ready to be added over the next few months!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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