An Afternoon in the Hills

This afternoon, after a very long morning nap (deserved after 14hours spent with the wife, her mother, and our oldest niece), the wife and I took our cameras a few hours to the Wittunga Botanic Gardens.

The quiet yet busy paths throughout these gardens are a great place to take a long walk on a lazy sunday afternoon when the sun is high, the flowers are blooming and butterflys are plenty.

First we visited the lake. As usual we spotted ducks and turtles, so we spent a few moments attempting to capture turtles before they dived, plus shooting ducks whilst they wallowed in the shallows. Young girls threw bread at all the water animals, which certainly helped!


Turtle in Wittunga Lake


The details in this little piece of paradise in the Adelaide hills are amazing…

Duck Down

What always fascinates me most at the ‘Gardens is the flowers. There are so many flowers of amazing colours. I could spend all day at Wittunga!

One Daisy Among Many .


Mother In Law

To make the day complete, I found this cart of FUIC in the car park.
I’ve reported this unfortunate finding here on my Tumblr blog plus on Twitter. The responses have been both amusing and so typically South Australian!

Spilt Milk

There you go, a few hours fun in the Adelaide sun is good for everyone!

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