Favourite Photographs of 2010

For the last few years I have created a list displaying my favourite shots of each month each year. I discovered it’s a great way to remind oneself that the year is busy, fun and full of interesting photographed moments. OK, so rarely do any of them change the circular motion of the planet, but a few of them have changed the way I now circle the planet. Metaphorically at least.

Back in 2008 I only displayed ONE photograph for each month. In 2009 I upped it to the Top-FIVE of each month. For 2010 I have increased it to the top SIX photographs that best represent the most relevant topics, places and activity. Here they are…


Growing in the Wind

Old Tree Fallen (Self Portrait #0022) So Damn Hot in Adelaide! Camera Strap Idea - S4 $6M Crumpler Bag - Exterior Inside a Pelican Beak


3d Generation

Empty Sardine Can (Self Portrait #0025) Lying in the Snow Beginning of a Bush Fire fringe dwellers Escape

MARCH 2010

Coopers on Tap

Painted Parking Massive Spider No camel has looked so cute! . Helicopter caught in mid-blade

APRIL 2010

This is NOT HDR!

Waiting at the Blackwood Church Roof Exit I finally captured the Easter Bunny! 8 Best Photography Magazines Caution: Strong Rip

MAY 2010

'Shroom for More

. Welcome to our place! Mischief Ingoldby Mclaren Vale 2000 Shiraz Mini Garden

JUNE 2010

Kitten 01b

Feeding on Flowers (Self Portrait #0027) Ugly Man My SALA 2010 Promo Advert Emerging Banksia Kitten 01a

JULY 2010

Looking into my SALA Stall

Delicious Delights Three Reds Breakfast #SocADL \ Lunch MeetUp 02 GT 351


Poster Design for "Quit Smoking" Campaign 01

"Climate Skeptic" Leader at "Walk Against Warming" Band at WAW "That Busker" Coffee House in Adelaide Arcade Chu


My #SALA Stall - Front of House Panorama

My #SALA Stall - Card Collection My #SALA Stall - Back Corner Panorama Adelaide Arcade Stall Fronts Ian


Coat of Arms on Parliament House

Australian War Memorial Museum Australian War Memorial Museum Chambers of Parliament House Stain-Glass Windows, Australian War Memorial Museum Old Typewriter


Wall-Art on Anster Street, Adelaide CBD

The Apple Tree Not Acceptable 11yo Photographer In-Training Ligurian Bee's (Apis mellifera ligustica) FUICycling


The 2010 Credit Union Xmas Pageant

Orange Velour Loungesuite Bird of Paradise - Feather Blue Castle Fairys Biggest Man at Pageant! Blowing in the Wind


Beak Detail

Bawk Bawk! Horse Portrait Electrickery Running with Dogs Yonder

Yes, I know … it isn’t the end of 2010 yet! I’ll surely have a few hundred more on Christmas day, then I’ll surely shoot a few hundred extra in the few public-holidays before New-Years-Eve and at least a dozen more on NYE. No matter. I’ll do a follow up article early in the new year displaying ONE photograph for each month of 2010. Works for me!

Dry Wheat

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