12 Articles to Enhance Your Photography

AGFA Isolette 1 - OpenHere are twelve sites I have found tonight that will help both aspiring and astounding photographers to improve upon their photographic artwork.

1. Nick Rains gives us a few good lessons in light-usage that include decent cloud-cover, suitable sunlight and a good subject to contrast with the landscape. Read the full article to realise that landscape is not as simple as aiming and shooting!

2. Photoshop tutorials from Damien Symonds. These are written in a simple format that assumes the reader knows their way around photoshop.

3. Understanding how big your camera will enable you to print your artwork. Read this carefully: Because when you discover that your image won’t print very big at all, the problem lies with the user.

4. PictureCorrect is a whole site dedicated to ensure your photographs are shot perfectly. It also includes camera and lens reviews, plus news from the photography-world. Who says I don’t show you the best sites?!

Pro' Photographer at Pageant

5. Kodak love giving their Australian readers and viewers all the support possible. Here they hand out tips and techniques to help EVERY style of photography possible.

6. For those like me who have a site dedicated to displaying and selling your photo-artwork, this quick article will be a gods-end! Not only does it give 10 great ideas on how to enhance your site, it reminds you that your site is more than just a domain, it’s your personal-biography online for the world to see. Use it wisely.

7. DPS is recommending an interesting book that should help with portrait photography. I haven’t read it, yet believe it to be a worthy addition to any photographers library.

8. Despite this article being 7 years old, it actually provides great tips for shooting imagery with your camera phone. Personally, I don’t understand the fascination with taking images with my mobile phone. It has one purpose alone, and that does not include sending text-messages displaying poor-English skills to my family. Yr camra shld b gr8, not yer fone!

9. More articles from Damien Symonds. I love his tutorials – mostly because I’ve learnt enough about photoshop to be dangerous. These conclude my self-teachings of his great program; They’ll surely get you hooked and wanting to know more.

10. This little book is a great idea if you’re having trouble explaining or describing the pose you want your model to take. I’m going to get one very soon! (The book and a model!)

AGFA Isolette 1 - Closed

11. It’s important to know where you stand when the law gets involved, and which side of the fence to be on when you take the candid photograph. Whilst this site does not directly improve your photography, it does improve your chances of not getting hit by bouncers, arrested by police nor prosecuted by citizens and property-owners.

12. Leaving the best site till last: The DPReview site has everything that you can learn, plus much more.

FYI: I am not affiliated with any of these sites, so I am getting no financial reward for advertising their products and sites. I am showing you these because I genuinely like them. Anyone else remember when disclaimers like this weren’t necessary?

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