Shooting Horses with a Canon Telephoto Lens

Upon my Flickr Gallery are four fantastic photographs of horses on family property in the Adelaide hills. These were  shot my with my new Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM mounted on a Canon 50D. I bought the lens yesterday; Absolutely loving it today and forever more!

Horse Portrait

On the Run!

Horse Portrait 2

Horse Chasing

Expect many more interesting photographs like these over the coming months and years!

3 thoughts on “Shooting Horses with a Canon Telephoto Lens

  1. Thanks Paul. Yeah, the horses were cool with the lens. The built-in flash popped open a few times, particularly when aiming at darker sections of fur. So I changed to one-focal point and aimed at the white stripe down that horses face or upon the sunlight side of a horses head. Makes all the difference. Helps that they were eating or subdued whilst I was shooting.


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