Yoono Makes Social Networking Easier!

A few days ago I got a quick message from The Adelaide Tech’ Guy (Richard Pascoe) that simply said: Give yoono a try.
Having never heard of it before, I simply typed it into my browser and hit CTRL + ENTER. That added the www and .com to the respective ends of the word and searched for the domain. Within minutes I realised the potential and had added this cool application to Mozilla Firefox. Thanks Richard, you’ve changed the way I see and interact with the internet!

This is how I now see the internet: With Yoono upon Mozilla Firefox

ScreenDump of Firefox using Yoono

I utilise the four main social-networking sites currently available via Yoono: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Integrating them into Yoono is a simple series of steps: Follow the prompts provided. Keeping on top the constant incoming tweets and messages can be painful, yet you can create groups within the Twitter option to limit whose tweets you see.

Yoono sits to the left of your browser and will expand/contract easily using little arrow [>>] at top left of window.

Adding networks is a simple process: Right-click on the header bar where the [all] button sits. The first option on the pop-up menu is [Add Social Network/IM] . Click that, and follow the prompts.

Yoono has so many additional features, it is difficult to list them all here. Whether you integrate this into your browser or Apple-product, you’ll surely have fun finding them all!

Thanks to Yoono, I can social network via many different forums, read and respond to articles from all around the world, view and comment on my friends flickr photographs, listen and enjoy music – all without leaving the main window and within a few seconds.

PS: Yes I no longer place bookmarks in the toolbar.
Mozilla Firefox now searches your bookmarks to fill URL’s as you type them, and I find this system easier. Being a keyboard person, this means I simply start typing the domain into the search field, then the browser finds and fills the surrounding text. Then I use the arrow-down key to choose which one I require. This is good when you have multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts!

PS2: Yes, I still use Bloglines.com to view your articles and photographs. Big thanks to MerchantCircle for hosting and continuing this great RSS-reading service. RSS isn’t dead!

PS3: I get no financial kick-back from this article. I just love Yoono and Bloglines!

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