I have an Alternative Blog

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have an alternative blog on Tumblr: photo | quote | note.

The subtitle is: images, quotes and information relating to topics of choice. Invariably I stray from that mandate, but honestly, who cares?

It’s where I post short articles, interesting illustrations, images that suit certain groups I am involved with (-particularly social networking), and shorter articles of either a humorous or serious nature. More the former.

Reindeer at Adelaide Xmas Pageant

For instance, tonight I asked Santa Claus to send me a few funny gadgets for Christmas. He probably won’t, but hey, I’m never too old to believe that one day he might.

Anyhow, take a read, trawl through the archives. I find some interesting stuff, I make some funny remarks and wonder if anyone else reading. Doesn’t matter if you ain’t: The internet is big enough for any of us to wonder around it for years without bumping into another soul.

(Santa, if you are reading this, I’d much prefer the winning numbers to the mega-million lottery. Then you’d never have to visit me again. Got me?)

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