CIBO Galleria: Art for Coffee Lovers

Have you noticed yet? I don’t buy coffee in CIBO’s, but I have seen they are currently displaying artwork on the walls.  I didn’t know why or what for until tonight. In Pirie Street, Adelaide City, you can see dynamic, bright and stunning artwork hanging upon the west walls.

Here is what the CIBO site says about this great idea:

CIBO Galleria features four seasonal exhibitions and awards, each named after colours in Italian to reflect the seasons: Giallo (yellow for Summer), Arancio (orange for Autumn), Nero (grey for Winter) and Verde (green for Spring).
Following the huge success of Giallo , the second exhibition in the series – Arancio – kicks off at ten CIBO Espresso bars across Adelaide on 2 May, featuring 24 local artists’ works.

On Monday morning, or thereabouts, I am going my first coffee of the day from CIBO’s. Just so I can get a closer look! Maybe I will see you there?!

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