Redbubble Art Now Available on PVC Stickers

Redbubble have added a new product range for graphic artists: Stickers.

That’s right, all my chocolate graphics are now available on PVC, a strong and durable product that will outlive the cockroaches at the end of time.

So I’ve just spent an hour going through all my graphics to determine which looked better with a white background. Surprisingly, most look fantastic with only a few that will need tweaking to add more colour and outline.

The images below, all linked to their respective page, display all my graphic designs not only work in this format, they also look bloody brilliant. Well, I say they do. What do you think?

Two stickers

Each foot is an individual sticker

Aha, you agree right? Go on, you know you the drill: Buy one of each! I know which ones I am going to buy next…

ezCREATE Photography, Stephen Mitchell

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