Change Your Money Personality

Unlock the Secrets of your Money Personality and Change Your Life I’ve recently read this interesting book entitled “Unlock the Secrets of your Money Personality and Change Your Life“. It has proved to quite enlightening, and similarly somewhat life changing.

I am not going to say I have become a online millionaire because of what I have learnt from this book, but I will say that my approach toward saving and spending money has improved for the better.

My Review:

Most of us have some form of business sense that effects how we spend or save any money we get. Whether it’s from a salary, online earning or gifts, the money we receive either stays in our hand or goes straight onto debts, or converted into assets – both appreciable and non-appreciable.

This book helps you to stop spending needlessly, helps you to find out whether you have good business sense … and then change your mind around to the better way to keep your money, and consequently convert it into more cash.

I found this book more believable than a lot of online resources. I’d recommend this to anyone who is spending more than they are earning, and now seriously wants to invest in their own future.

I’ve not reviewed any other books as yet, but when I do: You can read my book reviews here.

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  1. I have a copy of that somewhere (branded as “ANZ special edition”, it was free for going to something or other). I should actually read it.


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