16 Cool Photography Accessories

There are so many cool photography accessories on the market these days! So many that I find it difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. So I have compiled a list of sixteen that I believe every photographer might want to help them get on with the job.

[1] The Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.0

You cannot imagine how many times I have tried to view the last photograph, but the sun-glare has stopped me seeing anything at all. Worse is when I am wearing polarised sunnies to block out a few rays … yet this also seems to block the picture on my viewfinder. At last, a product that solves both problems. This handy device has its own pouch, a lanyard and is quick to attach to the viewfinder so the results of our photography can be seen in the harshest light.

[2] HoodEYE Eyecup

Sometime last year I managed to lose the clipon eyepiece on the rear of my camera. I think it is floating downstream somewhere on Kangaroo Island. I’m yet to replace it … and now I think I have found a far better option.
This cool hood fits like a suction cup against your face, so your eye is pointed straight to the view. Your nose will no longer squashed up against the camera, and your head won’t be tilted. Yay, our horizons will finallly be horizontal! Most importantly, no more ambient light entering the eyepiece to distort our vision. Love it!

[3] Carson LensPen SensorKlear

OMGosh, I have lost so many of these! I continually lose the cap for the end, or it falls out of my camera bag into mud, rendering it next to useless!
This retractable brush uses no liquid and leaves no residue to effectively clean your lens. Get one, get two, get backups!

Strong Rip, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

[4] HonlPhoto 1/8 Speed Grid for Portable Flash

For just under $30, this beats all my home-made DIY ideas without breaking a sweat. The SpeedGrid simply slides onto my existing Flash-gun. Made of ABS/polycarbonate, it is a rugged accesory that every portrait and still-life photographer will keep at the TOP of the flash-accessory pack. Gotta have!!

[5] FlashKeeper™

Currently my flash sits precariously in my camera bag. The pins are not protected from weather, so it amazes me it has lasted this long. Finding this product has allowed me to breathe again: I can can put my camera away safely, knowing it won’t suffer any dents nor scratches whilst in transport!
What I like most is that it can be attached to a belt, and has an extra pouch for rechargeable batteries. What a godsend!

[6] AquaTech SS-Flash Sport Shield

This is currently on my list of TOP-wants, though I will probably void the warranty the first time I use it. It’s designed to slip over your erect flash-gun, attach to its corresponding camera-cover in order to keep precipitation from entering any working parts of your photography-equipment.
Whereas I would just stick onto my flash-gun, wrap a tight rubber-band around the base, and bobs-your-uncle: Flash protected from the elements that mother-nature throws its way!

[7] RainSleeve

This is basically a HUGE transparent plastic glove that you can fit your camera and one arm into. Yet it has some interesting attachments that make it very very good.
It has what they call a “unique eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders for viewing through the lens“, thus allowing easy camera and lens control through the ‘sleeve. Interestingly, it closes with a drawstring lens. Thankfully it can be used whilst on Tripod!

[8] KataBag KT E-702

The previous two rain-sleeves are cheap yet effective. This baby is very expensive and bloody effective. It not only protects the camera equipment, it keeps your hands dry whilst operating the camera. AND then it allows you to see what you are doing in the pouring rain. I’ll bet this is what soccer-photographers use in the UK. Not necessarily for your average Joe-Pho-Guy, but ideal for those seeking unique and difficult-location shots.

Monica and Simon, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

[9] Hoodman Super Hoodskin LCD Screen Protector

Screen protectors. About half the size of Apple iPhone protectors, and just as great an eye-dea. Get it? eye-dea. idea. Oh brother. Keep reading!

[10] Dual Universal Battery Charger

You what! Nobody told me about these before! Now I can charge my Canon Batteries and my Rechargeable AA’s in the same unit. Let’s hope they have this with a cigarette-lighter attachment. Finally, we can charge batteries between locations!

[11] QP Card 101

I’m letting them say how great this set of grey-cards is for all photographers:

“The main purpose with the card is to use the gray patch for neutral gray balancing of the image. The gray patch is reflecting 18 % of the light, making it useful also for exposure purposes. Since the white patch is free from fluorescent whitening agents, it is perfect for custom white balance setting of your camera before shooting. There is a millimeter reference scale on the card.”

[12] Manfrotto 175 Spring Clamp

If you are anything like me, you want to clamp diffusers, lights, white-boards, grey-cards, EVERYTHING into position before you start shooting. But nearly everything you touch has no simple way of attaching … and the grey-duct-tape is somewhat unprofessional (KIDDING, I would never do that!). So I am very glad to discover that Manfrotto have yet another accessory that solves every problem that a portrait photographer will enocunter. Though I advise not using them to put clothes out to dry.

LOADING ZONE, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

[13] Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket

Hubba hubba, this solves a whole lot of issues…

Need to have your credentials safe, water-proof and on hand? Check.
Want your memory cards, both full and empty, organised and accessible? Check?
Want your business cards in a ready-location for distribution? Check.
Want all this on a lanyard that clips to your belt and slips into your pocket? Check.

Yep, this is the ultimate organiser for the photographer who doesn’t want all that stuff lost in his camera-pack!

[14] Photogenic Light Studio Max III with C4012C and ESR Lamps 906939

All this for a great price? Now wonder they are out of stock!!

[15] Lightsphere Collapsible Colour Gels

Come on! These look like fun… sorta… maybe. At that price, it can’t hurt to buy them to see if your photography can gain anything from being green, pink, blue or yellow.

[16] Puffer Popup Flash Diffuser

I’ve used a few different options to diffuse the light on my flash, from Home-Made DIY attempts to translucent cards. This actually looks far more interesting, compact and easy to attach.

I know, I said sixteen was where I would end this list!

On The Way Up, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble But it turns out there are few extra options that you should seriously consider. So let’s round it off at TWENTY amazing accessories that I would love for you to have.

[16] Tenba Shootout Sling Bag

What fascinates me most about this page is the divider configuration inside the bag. I have a LowePro bag that is almost identical, but I don’t use it so much anymore. I find it slightly annoying that I cannot get the strap lengths just the right length for when the bag is slung in front of me and when behind. Either way one is either too short or too high. Let’s hope Tenba have a fix for that problem.

[17] Airport Airstream Low Divider Set

Ideal for those who already have a decent bag, but have no dividers for their equipment.

[18] Digital Hoster Shoulder Bag

If you like me, you have a battery-grip on your camera or you have camera that has a stocky base that just won’t fit properly into any bag you have. This amazing bag is designed specifically for our cameras. But wait, it fits more! Yes, Not only will it hold your MASSIVE camera, but it will also store our HUGE lens. And who said size doesn’t matter? They have not seen this bag slung off the side of your standard urban photographer!

[19] A Tripod Bag

Even I have said this: I am carrying most of gear on a belt system and I want to carry a tripod, but I don’t want to wear a large backpack just for attaching the tripod. What do I do?”
Yep, the Kinesis tripod bags can be carried via three modes:
[1] In one hand to your side;
[2] Over one shoulder with an optional shoulder strap, or
[3] As a ultra lightweight backpack (a Kinesis first) with a harness.
Whilst the bags are actually unpadded, there is a simple foam insert that provides some cushioning when across your bag. This also protects the tripod when set down onto hard surfaces. They say it is water-repellent, but should NOT be used for tripods with spiked-feet.
Now if only they came in Camou-green or brown.

[20] Running a Successful Photography Business

In this ebook by Mike Moats, a professional photographer and veteran of the Art Show and Gallery circuits, sizes up the business of photography as “income streams”.

Awwwright. Done.

Off you go, go buy something good for yourself. You deserve it after reading through that LONG list! Now to decide which one I am going to buy first…

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