What Can You Buy On Redbubble?

Over the last few days I have bought some Redbubble products from my own gallery, for both specific people and purposes:

These two post-cards are to be sent to Ms Rachel Sanderson as gifts.

Paul, Karen, Peter and Rachel x 1 postcard

Rachel Sanderson x 2 postcard

These two shirts were commissioned by a friend at work. He wants to wear them to the Adelaide Guitar Festival ! The Aussie guitar is an idea I had during the designing of his shirt, which remarkably was purchased by persons-unknown within minutes of uploading onto Redbubble!

Floating Black Ibanez Guitar

Aussie Guitar

And these two are now in my stock-pile, available to purchase by friends, neighbours and family. Pelicans are very popular, all throughout the year!

Hair Brained Pelican x 2 cards @ 4×6”

Blowin’ in the Wind x 2 cards @ 4×6”

I encourage you to take a look at all my Redbubble art: I have more photographs of people captured at Dead Red Wake #6 , many wild, domestic and caged animals, plus many interesting T-shirt graphic designs .

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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