My Next Two Cameras

Bill O'Neil

I’ve decided that my next small camera will be the Canon Powershot G10!

This compact Canon has all the features of the bigger dSLR’s, yet collapses down to fit in a pocket at your waist, or in my crumpler!

I like that it has Image Stabilisation! Being small, this feature means I can grab and fire without worrying about camera-shake. Well, not to much. It is still an issue with any image, but at least the G10 has a 14.7 Megapixel CCD sensor, so it can deal with low level noise. Excellent!

It can shoot RAW photographs, using the same SD Memory cards that my Canon 400D uses! Very nice – I won’t need to buy more than one 8gig card for it!

Yes, this is what I want. Right after I get my Canon 50D Body.

Now I need more people to buy my photographic artwork upon Redbubble so I can buy these camera’s ASAP! Please!

2 thoughts on “My Next Two Cameras

  1. From what I’ve heard and seen the Powershot’s seem to be quite good. I’m enjoying my DSLR but sometimes it’s just a bit too big and I don’t have it with me all the time.


  2. Hello Jen. Thanks, I’ve not yet tested the Powershot, so it’s great to hear it is a good camera. I agree, my dSLR a tad too heavy for all situations, so a lightweight camera that looks full-size yet flattens down to pocket-size is ideal!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I look forward to reading more of your comments on my articles. I’ll reciprocate ASAP!


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