DeadRed Calendars to Support Heart Foundation

Four times a year the many members of this Facebook group … Adelaide Dead-Reds … meet up to taste the most disgusting wines their members can find in Australia.

Where they obtain these wines is difficult to ascertain, yet it is suspected that many find them in their family-collections, hidden in attics and basements, stuck at the back of the kitchen pantry, or bought at garage-sales. Nevertheless, they bring them to the Dead-Red Wakes and we all get to find out if they have retained their taste or been tainted by time and cork. Some turn out sublime, some vinegar.

About a year ago I volunteered to be an official photographer for these events. When they are hosted somewhere in the CBD, you will find me with camera in hand capturing the social-networking, drinking, dancing and other hilariously funny activities that Adelaide friends enjoy doing together.

Today I spent around twelve hours going through all the photographs I hadn’t archived. I spent an inordinate amount of time editing pixels to wipe out busy-backgrounds, people hidden in the dark backgrounds and highlighting the main subject. It was fun, I don’t deny it, but will wait a few weeks before I begin the next set of thirteen images required for the second calendar!

The photographs have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. They can be seen and purchased as individual cards, plus combined as one calendar.

Why did I do this?

Because Charlie Helen Robinson, organiser of the Dead Reds Wine Group said we could donate 50% of profits from sales of these cards and calendars to the Heart-Foundation … and that was enough incentive for me!

I now encourage everyone to buy these calendars for keepsake value, as a memory of the fun nights had by all, in order to raise money for the Heart Foundation.

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