What do Zombie Photographers Wear?

What a weird collection of images I have created today!

This afternoon in my drug-induced state (read: Sudafed to help remedy a head/nose cold) whilst taking it easy at home, I created an text-image based on words used to describe my activity during the ZombieWalk earlier this month:

“I shoot dead people.”

Link to My Zazzle Gallery of Zombie Stuff

I know, I know, it’s not exactly a pretty statement. Yet that is what we were doing: Photographing Adelaide people dressed in outfits that could only be described as the ‘living dead‘, more often known as ‘Zombies’.

So that got me thinking. I had already made one T-shirt that said I am a professional zombie photographer, but it was too rigid and straight-forward. What I really needed was a shirt that would make people laugh inwardly and cringe when reading it. This design seems to fit those specifications perfectly!

Here they are all together in one gallery of “Zombie Ztuff“. Below is an amusing description to each product currently in the gallery.

I’ve created a tshirt that enables professional photographers to mingle with the living dead whilst shooting zombies and their weird activities.

But that is not where it ends, no way. For all those groupies, lighting crew and photo-assistants who just have to look the part: Here is the sticker to slap on your tripod, on your shirt, plus camera-cases.

When the day is over, you’ll want to drink a coffee or tea to soothe the mind. Shooting mindless zombies is tiring, we know. So buy a mug that lets you tell everyone you shoot dead people.

Still talking photography and editing, I also took a few minutes to put the whole world into my eyes:

M'eye World

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