Getting Involved with Photography Groups

One of the most enjoyable part of my life is being a host/moderator upon photography groups. Over the past five years of being online I have had the good fortune to take on three groups upon Redbubble, plus four upon flickr:

Giraffe Legs, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

1. Adelaide/ South Australia
2. Recycled
3. RedBubblers

Redbubble Groups

It is great to find lots of amazing artists getting involved with these groups, and submitting their BEST photographs. Much of the art displayed is so good that they have displayed in exhibitions and sold to clients!

I’d love for many more artists to join! I encourage you to join each of them and submit artwork that best matches the criteria asked.

The unfortunate side of criteria-matching is artists who figure they can their artwork to every group and think the moderators will let them slide through the censors. But I take a good look at ALL artwork submitted to ensure it meets with the guidelines.

Which is why I have to say:

If you feel the criteria of any of the groups I host is unfair, elitist and dictatorial, look at them from my perspective: Groups are a category of a particular style. Whereby a particular genre is encapsulated within a specific group. When you look at any given group from this new perspective, you will begin to understand why some Moderators are going bald or even resign their posts: It is almost exasperating to find work that either contradicts the criteria completely or simply doesn’t come up to par.

Flick Groups

Because flickr don’t like when I advertise my Redbubble gallery upon their site (Yeah, I’ve had some interesting emails from their admin’!), I’m not giving them advertising. But I can tell you I keep some photography on flickr . From there you will find the other four gallery’s.

Happy trails.

I look forward to seeing new artists within each of these groups, and particularly the work they choose to submit.

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