Redbubble Revitalisation

A few weeks ago I was reminded of how passionate I am towards anything regarding photography, plus how dedicated I am to the good name of

By having one of my favourite photographs printed and on display at my day-job office, I often have work colleagues and friends asking what redbubble is all about.

For those who either haven’t seen nor been given my business card, below is my signature-piece:

Cool Weave by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Today I had yet another colleague approach my desk for work related purposes that was distracted by the image above: I have it printed LARGE on gator-board and displayed very prominently at my desk. It is blu-tacked to the top of the petition and held up by desk storage. You cannot miss it!

Scott first asked for some assistance with a work issue, but before I started on that he was already asking about the image on the wall;

“So, what is that?”

“It is a water reed at a garden near our house.” (OK, not entirely correct but the real explanation would only invite more questions, like “You have South Africa in your back yard?!)

“So how did you get it so colourful? Did you have to use flash, or was it sunlight?” Quite an interesting question, yet the answer is more so. Without going into too much detail (again), I started to tell him about GIMP. That conversation died after he asked yet another question that had me realizing what Scott was thinking…

“My dad went to Nepal last year, he shot photographs from Mount Everest, we want to print them, Would/Could that web site do that for us?!”

“Yes, they could. What resolution are the photographs?”

“Aww, it’s a 8meg little camera. Nothing like yours!” I had shown him my rig as displayed on flickr:

Hand Strap on Canon EOS 400D

“Well, an 8meg camera can produce great images …” and I proceeded to tell him what he would need to register as a member and that it was FREE and that Redbubble do all the finance and distribution and there is no obligation to buy nor sell anybody’s artwork but your own. I spent 10 minutes of work-time giving Redbubble a good name. Heck, I sold it good and proper!

“Look, I’ll send you a link to my website. From there you can find my photographs all over the ‘Net!

Ten minutes later I was over at his desk, checking out my Redbubble gallery on HIS computer. We scanned through a dozen great shirts by other artists. Scott also looked through my Calendars, impressed with my Landscapes!

Though he may not buy my work, he may register and upload his shots of Nepal. We could be so lucky!

The upside of the situation is that advertising Redbubble felt good and natural. When given an opportunity about places and products that which I am passionate, I’m happy to talk – and often for hours!

The whole experience was quite revitalising and refreshing. I was reminded of the one place on the whole Internet that keeps me awake all day long in anticipation of what I’ll do, find (and buy) next!!

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