Are these ALL the Answers to Successful Blogging?

1. Top 10 Tips for Creating a Blog

Right. An informative topic that is not old news, regular clear and simple posts, full of frequent key words, spelt reel good, with frequent stop-start sentences, and an RSS feed, I should be right for creating a blog.
Done. Next.

2. “When You Don’t Know What to Blog About, – Blog About This!”

Read carefully. This person is actually asking you to part with seventeen dollars for seventy five topics worthy of blogging. Trust me, there is a googlian of ideas out there AND they are easy to find. But this person makes it easy for you, without spending any money.

3. Do what they did: “Mix and Match”.

Try mixing your topics together. Find a link between “Nasal Congestion” and “Nokia”… hey, there is one: There’s a claim that that mobile phones have more germs on them than our toilet bowl. Done. Your turn.

4. How to get traffic for your blog

Of the 56 listed suggestions, these would be the funniest and most interesting:

9. Write short, pithy posts.
26. Start at the beginning and take your readers through a months-long education.
33. Have relevant ads that are even better than your content.
45. Dress your blog (fonts and design) as well as you would dress yourself for a meeting with a stranger.
54. Write about obscure stuff that appeals to an obsessed minority.

I manage to achieve a few of them.

5. 16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Another list that also suggests that pithy posts are just not going to cut it on their own – we have to get people to make comments, either pity or important. Pinging helps. Insisting people subscribe to read further might do it for you … if your a newspaper.
Oh, this one suggests putting your blog-url on your business card. Hmm. No. But this does tell me it is time to completely redesign and give a purpose to my blog. This is in progress…

6. 8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure

Despite being published June 2005, this would have to be the most important article today. Now that everyone is online, everyone wants to be noticed and linked by everyone else. RSS is the answer. But how to make it work? I have no freaking idea. So read the article!

7. Valuing your Website.

Apparently all you need is [1] Traffic and [2] Page Rank and Incoming Links to put some value to your site.

8. Finally, Defamation Law and Free Speech

“The law of defamation is supposed to protect people’s reputations from unfair attack. In practice its main effect is to hinder free speech and protect powerful people from scrutiny. Strategies for people to challenge oppressive uses of defamation law need to be developed.”

And there are two types of defamation:
Oral defamation (slander) eg. comments or stories told at a meeting or party.”
Published defamation (libel) eg. a newspaper article or television broadcast. Pictures as well as words can be defamatory.”

Are we ready to blog now?…

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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