Six Favourite Quotes

Thanks for @TechNorth for introducing me to the amazing writings and quotations written by Studs Terkel. Here are my six favourite quotes for today:

“But once you become active in something, something happens to you. You get excited and suddenly you realize you count.”

Catching Birds

“I hope for peace and sanity – it’s the same thing.”

“Take it easy, but take it.”

“When you become part of something, in some way you count. It could be a march; it could be a rally, even a brief one. You’re part of something, and you suddenly realise you count. To count is very important.”

“Why are we born? We’re born eventually to die, of course. But what happens between the time we’re born and we die? We’re born to live. One is a realist if one hopes.”

“With optimism, you look upon the sunny side of things. People say, ‘Studs, you’re an optimist.’ I never said I was an optimist. I have hope because what’s the alternative to hope? Despair? If you have despair, you might as well put your head in the oven.”


A book worth reading: Working: People talk about what they do all day, and how they feel about what they do.

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