Closer to the Switch

I found this great video within the latest glancenetworks article. It is a ‘gem’ by David Pogue from 2006.

It is 21 minutes long, yet from start to finish you will be entertained and retrained, laugh and cry and wonder why so many tech industries are only just beginning to listen.

Have a look, laugh and listen carefully to the video

Even if you do not make software or write code for any sort of website, you will still enjoy the tongue-lashing he gives Microsoft and any company that makes it difficult for users to navigate their hardware, software or online experience.

Yes, I use Microsoft products at home because that is what I have grown up – and I am quite proficient in the use of many MS Suite products. Yet I have an Apple Touch for convenience. With Email, Calnder, Contacts, Wifi and intant availability, I turn to it every time I want something quick. Why? Because the startup time is less than a minute, whereas the Laptop with all its MS installations and modem-connection issues can take up to 5 minutes. Sure I could make a coffee whilst I am waiting … but what if a client is waiting, or in 5 minutes the train-ride is over? My Apple Touch wins everytime.

Thanks to David Pogue and GlanceWorks for reminding me why I really do prefer Apple and am closer to making the big switch over. Strange, I never thought I’d hear those words out of my mouth. I wonder if I could install Apple products onto a DELL machine?

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  1. Yes you can install Apple products on a PC, you can even turn a PC into a mac. Unfortunately since the the mac os has to run on top of the windows os you’re looking even slower load times. If you really like apple products that much your best bet is to buy a mac.


  2. Thanks JRyall, that’s good information to know! Guess what, I will be buying a Apple for my next laptop. Far better option. But it could be another 6-12months before I do.


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