Collaborative Blogging

For those who haven’t noticed, or even have wondered why I don’t blog every day of the week … I am a collaborative blogger. This means I attempt to write meaningful dialect, easy-to-read monologues, poetry & prose plus moments of enlightenment on other blogs.
Yet I’ve not been writing as often as originally intended nor imagined.

Thankfully earlier tonight I found my writing-mojo and finally finished one article I wrote three hours prior and another three weeks ago! (I’m thanking TransAdelaide for providing the inspiration, and Apple for making the iTouch). I’ve published those stories for the worlds amusement.

To get the full picture and the complete story, here are my articles (to date) over at Yes, I am a collaborative blogger!

There’s a few posts that need some follow-up, and there’s even a few that you cannot tell if I really mean it or I’m just yanking your chain. Trust me, I mean it. There will be more articles in the future.

Keep watching that plurk-fiend channel

Egyptian Graffiti

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