Twitter Moments in Time

Sometimes the best article is inspired by someone else. This time I have been inspired by MsFifkins.

My favourite Twitter moments:

redbubble_hq redbubble_hq : “Just did a home page based on ideas from… 12:15 PM Mar 30th.

Dream Assignment dreamassignment : BBC TV series: The Genius of Photography11:35 PM Mar 18th from HootSuite.

Mike Mayhew mikemayhew “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” — Jim Rohn1:27 AM Feb 26th.

Renai LeMay renailemay @Alegrya Lamingtons are the food of the gods3:44 PM Feb 16th.

Andrew Sayer andrewsayer Was expecting an call last night so I put my mobile under the pillow. When I awoke it was replaced with a $2 coin. Stupid Bluetooth fairy.12:56 PM Jan 31st.

Warlach Warlach E: “I can’t get it up!” Me: “It’s OK, it happens to every guy now and then, apparently.” E: “My story, you bastard. The sites down again.”10:45 AM Jan 28th

Jason Santa Maria jasonsantamaria “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” —Paul Rand2:20 AM Nov 14th, 2008

Drew McLellan drewm – “Would you like to move this to the Recycle bin?”
– Yes.
– “Sorry, this item is too large to move to the Recycle bin.”
– STAB! STAB! STAB!1:38 AM Nov 14th, 2008

brentwit brentwit Damn, without unreasonable deadlines I get nothing done!3:36 AM Oct 31st, 2008

Andrew Sayer andrewsayer I’ve just won the jackpot in the Zimbabwe lottery. They tell me, if I hurry, I’ll have enough money to buy next week’s ticket.2:39 PM Sep 18th, 2008

Warlach Warlach Screw backyards and houses, we need an office makeover reality show: Help! My Boss Is A Cheap Bastard! or Fit For A Fit-Out maybe?12:35 PM Sep 17th, 2008

Andrew Sayer andrewsayer I tried to drown my sorrows, but after three days the mother-in-law floated back to the shore.1:50 PM Aug 17th, 2008

Andrew Sayer andrewsayer ASCII silly question, get a silly ANSI…2:09 PM Aug 4th, 2008

Andrew Sayer andrewsayer @raena Could be of use re: Twitter spammer AM Apr 29th, 2008

Yeah, I don’t use Twitter all that much, or even that often. But I do like it. It’s just not always all that good for two-way chatting when your timeline is filled with voices coming and going in all directions. That’s where Plurk succeeds: In the easy reading of cross conversations.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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