12 Reasons Why I Chat on Plurk.com

Richard says : i dont have to have a face to face conversation which i do for a living so it is a nice change ,not that i dont like talking to people ..but it becomes an outlet sometimes for all that is wrong with you and your life , that you may not say in a real chat.
soulcreates says : communicating in text makes life less stressful for those that are prone to major anxiety.
eztephen says : If you want to change criteria to “Why Plurk is Better than __” (something else), go for it, I’m happy to include in list! Richard and Shelley, they are good reasons!
unclefesta says : you can easily ignore boring people without seeming rude!
eztephen says : Talking to animals is possible because their normal noises mysteriously translate to semi-coherent english.
LindaN says : When plurking you have the chance of thinking on what you say before it comes out? ;-)
soulcreates says : LindaN: No foot in mouth syndrome :-D
LindaN says : Only said you had the chance, not that it was always used (LOL)
eztephen says : People might talk, but nobody listens. With plurk, it’s permanent.
eztephen says : Making friends is easier. Everyone wants to be your friend or fanatic. Even cats, budgies, orang-utans and goldfish.
eztephen says : Putting lotz of Z’s into your converzation iz the epitome of cutenezz. Just ask LOLZcat.
eztephen says : Emoticons. Have you ever said to someone “colon end-bracket!”? No? Why not? You are smiling aren’t you?

OK, so not all of them are great reasons, nor even serious. But you’ll understand what makes them good reasons when you start using Plurk.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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