Melting, Moulding and Manipulation

I was taking photographs of the basins in the bathroom as stock photography for another article, but got distracted by the scorching Adelaide heat coming through the uncovered windows … and then wondered how the house would look if fixing started melting.

Thus, here is the consequences of my creative imagination.

This first one was where it all began. Making the tiles melt grew from that scene in the Terminator movie where the liquefied-metal dude comes out of the tiled floor at the asylum.

If this next image makes you think of chocolate, I’m not all surprised. It took a lot of ‘pulling’ and ‘moving’ (with iWarp in GIMP ) to manoeuvre the metal spouts downwards to appear melted like this, but the results speak for themselves!

The idea for this last one grew whilst attempting the previous. I really wanted the melting to flow down to the plug-hole, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

As I progressively pulled the metal, it got lighter in colour. Now it appears to sit too-high off the bowl of the basin.

Thanks to support on Plurk , I’m going to try adding a shadow and to enhance the colouring of the metal tomorrow.

This is a new area of photo-manipulation for me—and I’m loving every moment of it! I may do a few more like these more often, but it certainly won’t take over from the landscape and portrait photography that I really do prefer.


Writing blogs has been made easier. I use Textism within Redbubble so much that now I use the Textism-Tool to write my blogs, then drop into ScribeFire to upload to WordPress. Gotta love the ‘net.

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