Your Icon, Your Apple

The Original Apple iPod

Right now you’ve probably got a few icons upon your Apple iPhone or Apple Touch that look like a screen-dump of the current home page of a few different sites you like most. Most likely including your own blog or website.

Not pretty and since you rely on that image rather than the words beneath right, it’s proving very difficult to determine from the good icons around it. So you’ve been wondering where does your Apple iPhone/Touch finds the right icon to display those other sites and applications upon your device?

Turns out the process is surprisingly easy. Here are two easy-to-follow sites that explain it us:

1. The icon needs to be a 57×57 PNG (not a JPEG, JPG, nor GIF!)

2. It’s all in the header : <link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”/customIcon.png”/>

Go read those sites in full to read the complete explanation. I’m going to re-size the ezCREATE logos accordingly. I now wish the WordPress development-crew would let free-sites include this option.

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