Profit, Photography and Philanthropy

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As a birthday treat my wife and I spent last Saturday afternoon at the Monarto Zoo to photograph all the wild animals during their feeding-times.

This included indepth discussion by their handlers regarding the environment, the finances of the zoo and the amazing lives of these animals.

Over the last 24 hours I have uploaded twelve of the better of my photographs onto my Redbubble gallery, plus have compiled them together into a calender.

To ensure my information about each animal is correct, I have perused many interesting sub-sites of the Adelaide & Monarto zoo that talk about the many new features under construction.

I’ve also discovered they all rely on both corporate and public donations in order to be possible. Therefore, let me say it here:

For every purchase from my redbubble photo-gallery that includes these photographs,
all profits will be donated back to the Monarto Zoo!

My plan is to buy a few blocks of land in the primate enclosure, thereby helping these monkeys to have a better life when they arrive at the zoo.

Interested in supporting my idea? These photographs are available to purchase as a Card (AUS$5.00), Laminated (AU$21.45), Canvas (AUS$85.80), Poster (AU$28.60), Matte (AU$35.75), Mounted (AUS$57.20), Framed (AU$114.40) and as a Calender (AUS$34.00).
Your purchase is going to make a difference. More photographs will be available over the next few months. Now that we have re-registered our membership, my wife and I plan to visit the Monarto zoo much more regularly.

Please check out the individual images within the calender … and leave your comment/critique upon them. I welcome your opinion.

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There’s much more to this story regarding my recent milestone. Despite appearances and the belief of many, I am now forty years old. Heck, even I find it difficult to believe. Where did it go? Seriously, it’s been a good life so far. There’s much more happening over the next 12 months. I expect my life to get better and better as more opportunities present themselves!

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