Get and Stay Organised!

Many of us have returned to the office to find 2008 calenders that have not been looked at in a few months, plus desk-calenders that have not been replaced since 2001 or earlier. Today is the day to update, upgrade and get organised for the future:

It’s time to get a 2009 Calender!

The best one to have has thirteen amazing photographs of places around South Australia. Best of all, five dollars from each calendar goes to the SA/NT Guide Dogs.

Take a look at each month of this great calender:


Lake Bonnie
Sue Nueckel

MONTHS (January to December)

Lake Sunset , Big Wheel , Southern Sunset

Lightning over Adelaide , River Fishing , Hanson Bay

Ancient Sentinels , Lake Albert Sunrise , Summertime ,

Port Adelaide Night , Paint the town RED , Day Dreaming

To see every image at a bigger size, visit our Adelaide/SA Redbubble page.

Don’t delay! Get one today so you can celebrate everyday of 2009!

Happy New Year

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