Photography in Minyon Valley

My latest additions to my Redbubble gallery. These two photographs were shot whilst on a family holiday to Lismore, NSW, late February 2008. I have applied the Orton Effect using GIMP to enhance the detail and colour.

Can you see the Minyon Waterfall in the photograph on the left? Yes, it is that vertical white streak against the rocks upon the horizon!

The photograph on the right is the valley beneath the tourists boardwalk, the waterfall being to the right of frame. This was shot precariously whilst my wife held onto the belt-ringlets upon my jeans! Thankfully my mother didn’t see this happening whilst the busload of European tourists watched on in amazement.


Art: Minyon Valley & Minyon Valley II. Displayed upon my Redbubble portfolio.

More about the Orton Effect in GIMP.

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