The Joy of Opening Windows

A few weeks on plurk someone started a meme whereby users of this amazing social-networking medium were given permission to categorize other users. To make it more interesting, persons choosing to allow their new online friends to pigeon-hole them were invited to choose from a set list of words.

So I had to let people judge me. I figured there was no harm, and it would be a great to find out what people thought of me. Do I regret making this choice? Not at all. But I will admit that I didn’t see some of these words coming my way. Check ’em out.

Shields Up


Via the Johari Window, there are a bunch of interesting words that may or may not befit each of us. Those that wanted to choose a word that they felt best represented the person I present online had these to choose from:

able , accepting , adaptable , bold , brave , calm , caring , cheerful , clever , complex , confident , dependable , dignified , energetic , extroverted , friendly , giving , happy , helpful , idealistic , independent , ingenious , intelligent , introverted , kind , knowledgeable , logical , loving , mature , modest , nervous , observant , organised , patient , powerful , proud , quiet , reflective , relaxed , religious , responsive , searching , self-assertive , self-conscious , sensible , sentimental , shy , silly , spontaneous , sympathetic , tense , trustworthy , warm , wise , witty

Then you went ahead. I’ve highlighted those words that my new-found online friends chose. Or you can see where they fit on the window.

So what does it all mean? It’s interesting to say the least. I wouldn’t call it a Zodiac message, but some might think so.

Yet that is not the end. There is a negative to every positive.


Plurkers whom I choose to chat with also picked a few more choice-words that they felt best represented the negative side of my personality. Initially I thought, “Hey, is this really a good idea? These people don’t know me in the REAL world, and most haven’t actually met me. They’re going to choose a word or two based on assumptions based on my typing-skills.” Which would explain why I quickly deleted my link to the meme from my plurk time-line.

But now I choose to re-reveal my Nohari Window to you. There’s only been a few words chosen, and by someone I really do call a friend.

For those reading this who feel I need further judgment of my personality, go right ahead, choose a word or two.

Opening Up

Don’t get me wrong, I find plurk to be a great online location to find people of similar interests with which to casually chat. So letting you choose the words that best represent the personality I reveal through my typing (and in my case, the way I speak most of the time) is a great way to define oneself, to find out where self-improvement might be, well, improved upon, and simply just an eye-opener to the way others think about us. Like opening a window into one’s soul.

Have you had your windows opened lately?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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