Marketing Sails

I tend to forget that I have a second journal/blog/diary dedicated to photography and the marketing thereof. I treat my RB journal like a mini-tumblr site, whereby I can promote my work amongst my Redbubble acquaintances and friends, telling them about my success.

Yet over the last two years I’ve written many articles, with a multitude of great information I’ve tediously and tirelessly researched. I’ve talked about copyright, stock photography, how to market oneself outside of the internet, and most importantly, how to name your images successfully. Go on, go visit, there’s plenty to read!

Tonight I had a sale of one of my images, framed to go into a new-friend’s kitchen. Consequently, I had to write about it: My happiness is obvious by the fact that I’m not afraid to give others a few good pointers on how they too can make a few extra dollars each week.

Yes, of course, it does take effort, time, persistence and the effort to leave the couch to meet’n’greet new people, plus a good knowledge of your camera to shoot images that appeal to all, not just to oneself.

Anyhow, Read the full article on my Redbubble Photography Journal to catch my marketing tips that work extremely well for me!

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